Tag: Velkynvelve


  • Session 4

    *Day 7 continued* A drow - not one of the guards unlocks the cell door. I, [[:ominicus-numa | Omi]], later find out this is [[:wayne-1 | Frank]]. We run out and see a battle between a group of dwarves and the drow guard. I immediately cut down [[:eldreth …

  • Session 5

    *Still day 7* The days are blurring together as we haven't had much sleep lately. [[:ovina | Ovina]], [[:morgan | Morgan]], and [[:wayne-1 | Frank]] are having a private counsel while the rest of us take a moment to rest. Suddenly I remember that the …

  • Sezki

    Kobold bard. Came with [[:sender | Sender]] and [[:ominicus-numa | Ominicus Numa]] into the Underdark searching for the murderer for Caseed. Died in Velkynvelve at the hand of the Drow and their servants.

  • Ront

    Died in Prisoner in Velkynvelve. Died at the hand of the Drow. He was dangled over giant spiders and the other prisoners had the opportunity to save him. [[:wayne | Wayne]] the Drow and [[:buppidedo | Buppidedo]] purposefully let him die. The only …

  • Buppidedo

    Believes himself to be a god? Evil Underdark runt that let [[:ront | Ront]] die. He did aid in the escape from Velkynvelve though. Killed in the march to the Deep Lake after he murdered [[:prince-daredil | Prince Daredil]] while everyone slept.

  • Eldreth

    One of the prisoners of Velkynvelve. She was one of the only ones that attempted to save [[:ront | Ront]]. She was brutally beaten and crucified by the drow for resisting them. A rescue crew with her brother and a group of others, including [[:wayne-1 …

  • Prince Daredil

    One of the Velkynvelve prisoners. Thinks he's a prince of some sort? Thought he was dead, but came out of the Underdark to help our escape from Velkynvelve. Killed by [[:buppidedo | Buppidedo]] in the march to the Dark Lake.

  • Jorlin

    Drow guard. Used to be Mistress Avara's number 2. After being ousted by Shoor, he turned on the drow and escaped into the Underdark.

  • Shoor

    Drow guard who replaced [[:jorlin | Jorlin]] as [[:mistress-avara | Mistress Avara]]'s captain and lover. After a prison riot he was imprisoned and died in the dwarf rescue mission.

  • Asha

    Third at Velkynvelve to [[:mistress-avara | Mistress Avara]] and [[:shoor | Shoor]]. Worships Lolth. Killed in a skirmish with [[:ominicus-numa | Ominicus Numa]], [[:daynore-1 | Daynore]], [[:sender | Sender]], and [[:ovina | Ovina]].