Glaucus Numa

Dwarf Artificer


Lives in Silverymoon. Member of Zhentarim. Adopted father of Ominicus Numa. Trained Caseed. Friends with the halfling fighter, Perrin.

From the point of Ominicus:
“Glaucus Numa was not a kind mind, but he’s the first one that ever treated me as a creature worthy of respect. Glaucus was a dwarf, but had lived among humans his whole life. He had two hobbies – crafting strange contraptions and cultivating talent. He had several apprentices. Some of them had gone on to be master artificers on their own. He also kept an eye out for people who had a ‘knack’ for anything useful. If a friend’s daughter showed aptitude for magic, he’d pull strings to get her into one of the schools of magic. If a serving boy had a great voice, he’d know just the right minstrel looking for an apprentice.”

Hires Sender and Sezki and sends Ominicus to track down Caseed’s murderer.

Glaucus Numa

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