Ominicus' Journal

A Voice in the Dark
Session 14

Day 13 into Day 14
We take an easy day resting, searching the keep and preparing to travel.

We decide to take the tunnel instead of the boat. Clovis points out that we’ve been cooped up on the boat for a while now and I am inclined to agree. Plus, there is no way we are getting the carrion crawler on the boat. We construct a rudimentary cart for Maud – that’s the worm’s name by the way – to pull our supplies on. He also piles half a dozen kobold corpses in with our supplies to keep Maud satiated.

While getting ready to leave, we meet a psychic jellyfish named Rovitom. In short, he wants to know if it is safe to move back in with his flumph comrades and if it’s cool to take back their items that Murk stole from them. He gets the thumbs up from us and he’s so happy he deuces out a bag of holding which, as gross as its origins, is exactly what we need.

Void has told us that it is 150 miles to Gracklstugh from the tunnel, but we make much better time than in our boat. Part of me hopes we can beat Murghoul there. In our first day we make it about 40 miles before camping.

Day 15
Continuing to scout ahead I spot a collapsed building in our path. Intrigue turns to fright when I hear an effeminate voice in my head calling for help. I scurry back to my comrades and report on this. Sender and Durvis want to skirt around it. Void is on the fence. Frank and I (it is unsettling how often I find myself on the same side as the drow), want to loot it. In the others’ defenses, it does seem like an obvious trap.

I squirm my way into a crack in the wall and find the entrance room clear. Frank, Void, and Durvis clear the way through the doorway and join me. Sender stays with the rest of the women.

In what turns out to be a tomb, we find tapestries and reliefs of a human sorcerer led ancient empire. It turns out the reliefs did not hide treasure. Also, any damage to ancient artifacts with a pickaxe was definitely done by the deurgar and not us. We take the tapestries. We find urns filled with putrid organs. Durvis suspects they are haunted so naturally he drips his blood onto the altar to an unknown god and burns the urn contents on top of it.

In one room we find a big fancy looking sarcophagus with a statue in it. No treasure though. What appears to be the last room has four less fancy sarcophagi and a secret door in it. Not much for half measures we agree to open them all at once. I’ll let you know how that goes when we’re done.

Firbolg Gone Wild
Session 13

During the chaos of battle with the kobolds and the giant, a shark came up from the pool of water and plopped down next to me. It turns out it was our gnome friend Loopmottin and she’s been a druid this whole time!

With the giant dead, I process her words to us when she splashed into the room. Stool has been kidnapped! Still juiced up from my Potion of Speed, I dash out to the dock to see what has happened. The boat is still there, but Stool and Fara are gone as are our food and water.

Pinned to the boat with a dagger is a note that says: “Got what I came for. Next rounds on me.” Murghoul you son of a bitch! I’m coming for you.

Loop says a group of cloaked deurgar attacked them in a steampunk boat, shanked her, and abducted Stool. She doesn’t know what happened to Fara.

We spend the rest of the day gathering treasure and resting. Durvis Dundertrot finds a letter on the giant which Sender reads to us. The letter tells about an uprising of giants to overthrow the “small folk”. Durvis and I realize we both had the same hallucination vision of giants crushing everything when we partook of the magic mist.

I ask Loop if she can turn herself back into a shark and collect some more dragon scales which she does after she gets some rest. While she’s going for a swim, Fara comes out of hiding. I really thought she was dead! She’s not though, so that’s good. (Day 13 after rest)

Fara tells basically the same story but with the notable addition of an exchange between Murghoul and Loop. Murghoul said to her, “The boy is coming with us. But you’re a bit old for usefulness. And you already serve a master, eh?” I’m not entirely sure what this means so I will have to discuss it with the others when they aren’t murdering and robbing each other. Speaking of…

Daynore steals a beer from Sender without being noticed (finally) and then has the audacity to drink it front of him. They begin to brawl and I think I split them up by conjuring a huge spider between them. Daynore goes upstairs where Durvis is playing with his worm by himself.

Sender is losing his mind and telling me not to trust anyone which is sound advice, but he’s getting very touchy with me. I run and hide.

When Sender goes back upstairs Daynore tries to light him on fire. The brawl resumes and they tumble down the stairs. The rest of us wait outside resigned that this was inevitable and that likely only one of them was going to be exiting the keep. I don’t know the details, but Sender ultimately executes Daynore with a gun blast to the head before stripping down and taking a bath in the lake.

So now we are creeped out by this and by the bagpipe music that has begun playing in the keep. Frank, Durvis, and I go to investigate this. I bring Fara with because I don’t really have faith that the others can look out for her at this point.

In the holding cells we find two giants suits of armor and what I think is a drow prisoner. The drow says he’ll help, but he’s a drow so I assume he’s lying. But then the suits of armor begin to whoop our collective asses, nearly killing Durvis and Fara. I pass the prisoner my crossbow to shoot through the bars while I do my best not to get smooshed. Eventually we bring them down and let the drow out and now we have some fancy armor and swords.

Also the drow is not a drow he’s a bird named Beidan. I am much relieved because I didn’t know if I could keep my eyes on two dark elves at a time. Plus he keeps leaving behind colorful feathers that I am hoping to turn into a fancy headdress.

This isn’t the only friend we make this day. We find a demon girl, named Void, skulking in the tunnel downstairs. She hunts monsters and is trying to get to the bottom of this giant enigma (Giant because it’s about giants, but probably also because it’s a big problem; really, it works both ways). There is some overlap in our objectives, so we agree to rest gather supplies and head to Gracklstugh. The question is whether by lake or by tunnel.

Our Continuing Struggles with Cursed Statues
Session 12

Middle of Day 12
We take a short rest to recover from our skirmish with the kobolds. Durvis Dundertrot escorts Stool into the keep and back out so that he can spore us. Loopmottin agrees to look after him and Fara.

We spend way more time than we should trying to figure out how to get into the heart of the keep before we realize the main entrance is unlocked.

Daynore and I try to be sneaky sneaky descending into the fortress, but Frank and Durvis barge in throwing doors open and rifling through everything. Sender hovers in the back looking like he’s ready to bolt at any moment.

This portion of the keep is mostly uneventful. We find a couple suits of armor that try to attack us, but I guess it is out-of-sight-out-of-mind for them, because we close the door and they leave us alone. Durvis finds a giant worm that he rides around like he’s one of the auroch wranglers from the hills outside Silverymoon. Like I said – uneventful.

Oh yeah, we find another cursed statue of a deity. This time Frank is the recipient. Grabbing a mushroom-shaped Tiamat statue he is barraged with several elemental forces.

Downstairs is where the fun happens! I learned a few new tricks; I can make myself hard to see and I can make it hard for others to see. There are dozens of kobolds. Both sides are throwing spells at each other. Mushrooms explode. I make an exploding ice spear that blew up at least a hundred kobolds!

That’s just the start. After the kobolds are taken care of, a bald gray giant bursts into the room. He says, “Ooga booga booga!” And Sender says, “Booga ooga!” and he runs away as he does. But the giant could control time and he grabs Sender by the neck and beats him against the wall and ground which is impressive since Sender is like twelve feet tall.

This one is honestly a team effort. There is fire, and thunder, and crossbows and I beat the shit out of him with my chain till he finally fell over. Oh yeah and there was even a shark!

Mongoose and the Serpent
Session 11

Day 11
After a very confusing vote in which people kept changing their answer for seemingly no reason, we decide to take the upper path to Neverlight Grove, drop Stool off and then take Loopmottin to Gracklstugh and hopefully find a way to the surface from there.

It is slow going and we find ourselves navigating around a cluster of stalagmites. One of the stalagmites is actually a roper and its tentacles start grabbing us off the deck. It reels in Skillop and myself but I manage for the moment to cut myself free.

The others peck away at it from the deck of the boat while Daynore steers the boat closer. Smaller ones begin dropping from the ceiling and attaching themselves to people.

Skillop is devoured by the roper and we are unable to get to him in time to save him. As usual, I do my best to absorb as many of the hits as I can from reaching the others, but I am overcome once again just before the final blow is delivered to the roper. I am told it is Durvis Dundertrot who gets to me this time to heal me.

We take a rest. Frustrated and embarrassed I spend the time by myself swimming around where the roper was. I find a potion of speed, some coins, and an expensive looking pearl necklace. Durvis expresses interest in this so I agree to give it to him under the condition that he uses his minstrel ways to build up my legend wherever we go.

As we continue on we eventually approach a keep rising up out of the water. We stop to prepare, intending to disguise most of us as duergar with me slipping in stealthily as backup. I hop in the water while the others are in the cabin prepping.

First there is a large thud as something smacks the ship. A black monstrosity appears through the water. As it sprays acid on me and the boat, I realize I am face to face with a black dragon!

When the last of the acid flies out of its maw, I pop the lid on a bottle of poison and toss it down his throat. To my surprise it works magnificently and the beast passes out. I cling tightly to it and begin hacking at its neck as we sink deeper and deeper into the water.

The rest of the crew comes out of the cabin to see the boat soaked with acid and me bursting from the water screaming like hell and hurling a dragon head onto the deck. Stool is going nuts with excitement. I, appearing calm, fist bump him and quietly walk into the cabin where I wrap myself in my blanket until my nerves calm down.

We pillage the head for scales, teeth, and anything else we find valuable then approach the keep. Frank, Durvis, and Sender use magic to look like duergar and I follow behind still wrapped in my blanket. Daynore stays with the boat and our non-combatants.

It turns out this isn’t a duergar outpost at all, but rather a kobold temple to Tiamat. We enter the courtyard where there are dozens of the kobolds. Durvis attempts diplomacy before some priestess comes out screaming about her dragon. I fire a crossbow bolt into her before we are swarmed by the lizards.

Durvis and Frank fire a barrage of shatter spells into their leaders taking out the minions and forcing a retreat from the more resilient ones. Sender fires shots into the crowd and I cut my way to one of the doors. We are getting stabbed from every angle including a hail of arrows from above and Frank goes down.

I drag Frank into the room and we clean out the couple that are in there before barricading ourselves in and dispensing with any of them that try to come through. We exchange fire with a few of their archers before they retreat back into the keep.

We open the gate so Daynore can get in and he agrees to guard while we take a short rest. Durvis has expended himself of most of his magic and desires to get a longer rest before we go, but the rest of us are eager to press the attack, not wanting to give the kobolds a chance to recuperate.

(Leveled up to 4)

Water Weird
Session 10

Day 10 continued
I likely am concussed from repeated head trauma over the last few days and my memory of these events are hazy so I, Ominicus Numa, will just briefly highlight a few moments I remember.

We take the path with the crossed out mark that aligns with one of the locks on our map. When we arrive, the lock is both abandoned and in disrepair. We tie off our boat and attempt to lower it down. It takes a good deal of effort, but we get it down the lock mostly unscathed.

At the bottom of the lake we find a large statue sticking out of the water and a nearby pool of fresh water. Needless to say we are happy to have come across this, as our supplies are running low. Before we can reach it though, some sort of water elemental begins pummeling our ship and grabbing my companions.

Frank and Daynore are both pulled into it, presumably in an attempt to drown them, but I run back and forth across the ship and pull them out. Meanwhile, the rest of the companions open fire on it and eventually disperse it.

We refill our water and scout around the statue for treasure. Two large gems are found, but unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones to get them.

Skillop tries to sneak off but I find him skulking in the shadows and bring him back. The goof wouldn’t last ten minutes on his own!

We are now presented with two paths, one that goes slightly downstream and one that goes up into a growth of zurkwood. Loopmottin mind melds with Stool to get some insight. The upper path will bring us closer to Neverlight Grove and Stool’s parents. The lower to Gracklstugh and Stool’s friend who he believes to be in danger.

We debate over where to go and rest for the evening.

Troglodyte Lubricant
Session 9

Day 10
I wake up feeling refreshed. Now clear-headed, I realize the resemblance between Durvis Dundertrot and the halfling, Clovis I briefly met in Velkynvelve.

I want to talk to him about this, but he’s still sleeping so I patiently wait for him to wake up. He seems surprised and uncomfortable to see me when he wakes up.

“You look familiar. Did you have a family member down here as well?” I ask.

“Yes, I had a brother somewhere down here.”

“He was in prison with us. He’s dead now. He died well.”

“You mean I can inherit dad’s money now!”

Uncomfortable now myself at his attitude, I push through it and use the Weave to create an illusion of the final moments of his brother. I embellish a little… okay, a lot to make him look like a hero.

“Why would you show me that?” He demands. “I hate that bastard.”

My brain runs through the etiquette book Glaucus made me read, but I come up blank. I walk outside and begin doing my morning sword drills. This is something I am comfortable with.

We spend several hours porting the boat over the troglodyte rock. I hesitate to share the gruesome details but for posterity’s sake I will mention it. It was for the sake of survival after all. We used the bodies of the troglodytes to ease the job, making the terrain smoother and less damaging to our vessel. On to a new subject.

The madness seems to be getting to Sender. A few hours into rowing, he comes out of the cabin and chucks four bottles of the Duergar beer into the water – I believe under the belief that drinking it will dehydrate us and thus shorten our survival chances. Regardless of his intentions it was poor execution and the madmen I am confined with nearly come to blows over it. Just keep rowing. Just keep rowing.

We discuss our plans a little. Loopmottin offers us a large but unspecific amount of money to get her to Gracklstugh. I point out that it is an evil place with evil people. This does little to sway them, but they at least agree to go to Neverlight Grove if Stool can pickup the connection to his people. We will continue west for now.

We also decide that when we reach the first lock we will first try diplomacy to get through and resupply. Failing that, we will do what we need to do.

At last we reach the lock. I sneak off into the water to scout and to be ready for an ambush if talking goes poorly. Frank, Durvis, and Sender are prepared to shift into Duergar visages.

Our precautions are for naught. The lock is abandoned and we get through nearly without incident. Nearly, because a dozen stirges swarm us and by us I mean sender and Skillop. It is not as glorious as the battle with the troglodytes, but I get some sport out of killing three of them with my crossbow. One of them was attached to Durvis’ face even!

Skillop is drained nearly to death and Sender isn’t much better off but we all survive and pass through the lock.

We continue on. After several more hours we reach a five pronged fork in the row. Frank and I investigate the paths looking for Duergar markings. On the third path we find a Duergar marking that aligns with the map and the same on the fourth, except it is crossed out. After some debate we decide to take the fourth one, which will take us as close to west as possible.

Bringing down the thunder
Session 8

Day 9 into Day 10
What would be nightfall on the surface comes as we pull away from Sloopludoop in our newly acquired boat. We take turns rowing and resting. With much on my mind, I, Omi, take one of the first shifts at the oar. To pass the time I study a perplexing map. I come to realize it is the location of Deurgar locks to move through the Dark Lake.

We sail westward in the hopes that as we near Neverlight Grove Stool’s connection to his home will amplify and guide us to safe harbors. The only other option put forward so far was to go to Gracklstugh, which I have no desire to do.

After my shift, I try to sleep but it isn’t long before the water shallows and we stumble upon a large pack of troglodytes with a big tree trunk swinging leader in the middle. They are gnawing on carcasses of our former comrades Eldreth, Morgan, and Ovina. I feel a twinge of guilty finding humor in the irony that they left us behind thinking us incompetent.

We catch the lizards unaware and I slip into the water to approach while the rest of the party positions themselves to pick them off from range. Then…

We bring down the thunder!

Durvis and Frank release a sonic explosion back to back which kills or maims down most of the lesser ones. Sender finally gets to use his new toy, the thunder cannon to fire into them, while Daynore quietly strikes from his stalagmite vantage point. I wade into the thick of them trying out a new trick I call booming blade, cutting them down left and right and adding my own sonic blasts to the cacophony.

Giddy with battle lust I go toe-to-toe with their leader. It goes well for a while. I dance around, bleeding him out, staying out of reach, and using my newly acquired arcane powers to deflect his maw while the rest plink away at him.

On the verge of collapse, he lashes out wildly one more time. Partially from cockiness and partially from expending myself in my excitement, he penetrates my defenses and clubbers me repeatedly with his giant club. As my body goes limp, I’m told he bit into me, whipping my much smaller body around like a dog’s chew toy before the others brought him down.

I am told it is Frank that staves off death. What is his plan? Does he think I am in his debt? Thoughts for another time. There is much to be done before I can get back to my cot. Frank and I take tokens from the three dwarves – the shield, bow, and staff – which we intend to return to Gauntlgrym someday. Unfamiliar with dwarf burial ritual, but unwilling to leave their bodies to the fate of whatever Underdark creature finds them, I begin a pyre.

Having done that I collapse in an exhausted heap back in the boat. At some point, Sender yells that we are under attack and I scramble out in my underwear, ready for battle until I see Daynore cackling like a madman from his watch post. Back to bed.

Release the Kraken!
Session 7

Day 9
For the first time in roughly two weeks I, Ominicus Numa, get a full nights sleep. Instead of waking up to guards kicking me, I wake up to kuo-toa children playing. I am camped out on the top most shack that overlooks the Shrine of the Deep Father in Sloobludop. From here I see the city come alive.

Among the newcomers to the city are a jovial rock gnome woman and a group of duergar slavers with their “wares”. There is no disease in the Underdark worse than slavery! I slip into the crowd and follow the slavers to their market. My first instinct is to pounce, but rationality tells me this is a fight I would not win.

I pretend to inspect the slaves and try to slip Jimjar’s dagger to the dragonborn among them, but the fool of a lizard drops the knife. Needless to say the duergar are not happy about this. Their greed pacifies them though when I ask prices. I cannot save them all, but perhaps I can pull one of them from a life of servitude in a foreign land. Unfamiliar with the cost of a slave, the dragonborn is easily out of my price range.

Among the slaves is an elf woman and an elf child. The gray dwarves tell me the elf child is a mere 500 gold. I ask the woman whom I later found out was named Arara if she would like to stay with her daughter or if she would like me to get her back to the surface. She tells me to rescue her daughter.

I offer the slavers several of my bigger gems which they accept. Little do they know, but these are the cursed gems I pried from the spider statue back in Velkynvelve. And so I purchase the elf girl, Fara.

About this time Sender approaches me with Stool in tow. I pretend not to know them, but they come close enough for Stool to spore me, so that I am reconnected with everyone telepathically.

I begin walking back toward the Deep Shrine content to wait for my comrades faux sacrifice. I doubt if they will be pleased with me for adding another liability to our entourage. Speaking of them, on the walk back I notice several of them piddling about the market and slave pen. I also notice a duergar following me.

I am not in the mood for this and I ask Sender to cover me. I am certainly not in the mood to be shaken down, but the options he gives me are to be brought back to the drow or bribe him. What ensues is not my proudest moment. In short, I tell him to piss off and in return he stabs me with a poisoned blade and robs me. I am not conscious to see it, but later Sender apologizes for running away. I accept his apology because this is what I expect by now.

The smug fucking duergar is casually having a drink at a nearby tavern with my money when I come to. I march up to him, bloodied but unbowed, and ask him his name. His name is Murghoul. I tell the dwarf cocksucker that I will find him one day.

Fortunately, Fara has not run off. Walking back to the shrine, I give her a dagger and tell her if anyone at all tries to hurt her to use that. My ego is as bruised as my body. I sit, sulk, and nap until it is almost dusk.

Meanwhile Frank and Durvis Dundertrot get it in their head that they should bring a sacrifice of their own and go to buy one of the remaining slaves. In a squabble over prices – maybe? Sometimes thoughts don’t come in clearly over the myconid connection – the duergar slavers are murdered by the kuo-toa guards. Instead of a slave, Frank and Durvis take a surviving duergar to sacrifice.

Not wanting to be part of the sacrifices, I scout the docks and decide the duergar slaver boat is now mine. I run into Daynore awkwardly hitting on the rock gnome, Loopmottin. He convinces her that she would be safer on this boat with us because of the implication.

Daynore and I exchange a “We could leave if we wanted to right now?” conversation. We agree that we will wait at the docks for our comrades, but if things go poorly we will take the Loopmottin and Fara and get out of here on one of the smaller boats.

The time of the sacrifice comes. Our comrades go marching to what I assume will be their demise. I have no doubt that Sender will flee though when it gets too heavy and I hope Stool will follow.

From where I am on the docks, I cannot see what is happening much and I have long since lost the connection to Stool. I see some sort of haze that is making people go crazy. I see fish people jumping in the water. I hear screams. I pickpocket a random dock worker. FIsh demons start eating people in the water. A squid demon starts squiggling its arms in our faces. Everyone is running. I may be mistaken, but I think I see Durvis smeared in blood screaming to dark gods at the Shrine of the Deep Father.

I light a torch to work as a beacon for Sender. Daynore and I direct one of the fleeing kuo-toa on the boat in case we need help on the Dark Lake. Soon after, the rest of our group makes it to the boat and we shove off.

Not ones to turn down an opportunity, we park the boat near the edge of Sloobludop and agree to meet back in five minutes. Sender and Stool stay with the boat. Most of the rest run off to grab what they can. Fara and I try to find her mother but to no avail. We all meet back at the boat at the agreed time and shove off.

Some of us have done unspeakable things to get where we are. We do not have a plan. Hell, most of us do not even like each other. But we are free.

(Leveled up to 3)

"I'm not going back to prison!"
Session 6

Day 7ish
Baravar must be watching over me; Ovina decides to wait for us. With her guidance and a bit of fortitude, we – Ominicus Numa, Daynore, Sender, and Ovina – complete a forced march that ultimately reunites us with our other companions, if I may call them that. Of them, only Stool seems happy to see us. I thought by now I had earned the trust of Eldreth, but this was misplaced and she is somewhat ungrateful to have her shield back. Another lesson learned to trust no one and look out for myself.

A few notes worth mentioning before we met up. Daynore continually tried to rob Ovina despite her threats, but has lately left me and Sender alone with his thievary. Perhaps he feels some kinship now with his fellow prisoners?

Previously Shuusaar mentioned something called the Faerzress, a kind of magical mist that emits strange powers. The Kuo-toa told us this may help the healing of our injuries. Ovina set Sender’s leg better than it was and he was able to keep up with our short legs. He did not want to risk it. I however was frustrated with not having a good sword arm and risked it. Let me tell you – I felt FANTASTIC! My arm completely healed and then some. It came with a terrible price. For what seemed like an eternity to me but I’m told was only a few minutes, I had visions of shadowy giants smashing everything. A vision or just a hallucination?

We came across the remains of Buppidedo and Prince Daredil at the remains of their campsite. No further details on this yet other than Daredil’s throat was slit.

Back to now – sorry my mind is muddled from exhaustion, I’m all over the place. I believe we are into day 8 now.

The drow Frank has taken charge of the other group and they have found a halfing who looks vaguely familiar. No one is introducing him to me though so I don’t know what his deal is or even his name. The dwarves are mostly sticking to themselves. They whisper and point at us. They seem to think they’re better than us. For such a long lived species, they have short memories and forget that it was us prisoners who held back the drow guards while Frank and Morgan dragged away the battered Ovina and Eldreth. They forget that Prince Daredil, who died on their watch, bought them the time they needed to escape.

As we near Sloobludop, Shuusaar tells us that he is considered a heretic, but that a faction led by the daughter of the Kuo-toa king will support his return. Apparently he has led us to a place where sentient creatures are sacrificed in the name of the Deep Father, their fish god.

A group of Kuo-toa guards approach us with nets and spears. Frank has a plan and he, Shuusar, and the halfling go forward to meet the guards. Daynore disappears into the darkness. Stool, Sender, and I spread out to keep from getting surrounded.

I do not hear the words exchanged, but Frank draws his knife and holds Shuusaar hostage. The guards begin to approach them heedless to the prisoner. Frank cuts the Kuo-toa’s throat and the halfling reluctantly (maybe even crying a little?) finishes the job. Eldreth attacks Frank and Ovina is ready to shoot him as well. The fish stop advancing but enter some kind of happy blood frenzy.

Sender, Stool and I run towards the cavern wall where we find Daynore also hiding. Another group of the Kuo-toa approach and a giant scuffle happens that ends with our comrades all netted and being led into the city. Daynore, Sender and I momentarily discuss what we should do. Sender wisely states, “I’m not going back to prison!” I can’t agree more.

We sneak over the city “wall”, but Sender re-injures his leg in the process (I say wall because it is made of netting and sharp fish bones). Our initial plan is to steal a boat and fuck all to the rest of them, but we settle on trying to communicate with them first. Sender uses his firbolg witchery to look like one of the fish people and takes Stool to telepathically link us with our comrades.

The dwarves are separated from Frank and the halfling. I shadow the dwarves and find them pushed with their equipment into the Dark Lake. I contemplate going after them and presumably following them to Gauntlgrym. My recent questions about their character as well as my desire to get Stool home and to see mine and Sender’s mission to its end stays my feet.

Sender and Stool succeed in linking us all up. It turns out Frank and the halfling have made an agreement with the Kuo-toa leader. The dwarves were sent on their way as part of the agreement. Meanwhile, they are to “pose” as sacrifices to the Deep Father. It is suspected that the sacrifice will draw out the king’s rival – his daughter – and her followers. When this happens Frank and the halfling are to murder her. Then they will be permitted to take a boat and leave. Needless to say, we are all skeptical. They are allowed to keep their equipment though and Frank is confident that even if they are to be the sacrifices they will be able to escape.

In sneaking around the city, Sender and Daynore are caught and brought to Frank and the halfling. I am perched on a building above where the sacrifice is supposed to take place in the morning.

Frank asks me if he will have my help in the battle. I do not like drow, but there is certainly a ruthless efficiency to this one’s thoughts. I tell him I will help if they are betrayed but I will not participate in murder or sacrifice.

Escaping Velkynvelve
Session 5

Still day 7
The days are blurring together as we haven’t had much sleep lately. Ovina, Morgan, and Frank are having a private counsel while the rest of us take a moment to rest.

Suddenly I remember that the stone figurine my dad carved for me of Belwar is still back at the prison. I ask Stool to link up Sender so we can talk privately. Sender also wants to go back to get his gun.

Sender announces our plan to the rest of the group. Ovina protests saying that she is going back and doesn’t want us following. Sender tries to persuade her, but this only seems to reaffirm her beliefs that we shouldn’t go back.

I tell Shuusaar to look after Stool and head out ignoring the ranger. Sender follows, though he is slowed down by his splinted broken leg (Daynore helped set the leg in one of his few acts of kindness to date).

We find the prison mostly abandoned except for spiders roaming around. We meet up again with Ovina who is doing her own thing but casts a spell over us to make us more stealthy. We gather some more supplies. While gathering the supplies we hear rustling below but do not find it’s source.

When we attempt to go deeper we see the spiders closing in on where we need to go. We agree that Sender will cover me from a distance with a crossbow while I move in deeper. It is going smoothly until I walk in on Asha praying in a shrine to that bitch goddess of theirs.

Asha sees me and tries to flee. I stab her and she is hit by several bolts and an arrow dropping her. Ovina has returned just in time to help us kill the spiders. It turns out Daynore has also come back. Interested in treasure probably.

And we do find treasure! In addition to my stone figurine, I find a handful of gems and a snazzy spider mask. I also take the opportunity to desecrate the area by pissing on the bed of one of the leaders and destroying the statues of Lolth. I may or may not be cursed now.

Ovina has left us behind. I would say probably a good decision on her part. It has been about two hours since we left the rest of the party now.


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